Through the owl’s eyes, see the world from a different perspective, connecting a community of young spirits all around the globe.
HOOT is a brand for free minds embracing a lifestyle where they push their limits day and night.


A sleek and sober design. A high end material, the rubber, hypoallergenic and resistant. The hoot watch is designed to last. The technicality of the one piece rubber-injected membrane makes the uniqueness of the watch.


She escorts her owner from dusk to dawn, remembering him with panache that the night belongs to him. Indeed, from midnight to six am the indexes of the Hoot watch shine thanks to a luminescent material which reloads in the daylight.


More than a brand, Hoot is a fresh attitude, urban and positive. A state of mind emphasized through ambassadors, men and women who share this attitude by revealing the night bird sleeping in them.


The perpetual, rallying cry beats to the rhythm of lifestyle festivities. Flying through the night, meeting nocturnal creatures, the owl is the ultimate night bird. It symbolizes wildness and freedom.


The elaborated internal micro grooves of the strap guarantee optimal comfort with this UV-resistant and hypoallergenic watch even in high heat temperatures. The back case, stamped with the HOOT logo, reveals a Swiss-made quartz movement that is water resistant to 10 ATM.


Your watch will be delivered with a 2 years warranty in an elegant black box stamped with a silver HOOT logo. The box is wrapped in the drawing of an owl designed by Greg Coulton